What is this website?

The Comic Joint is the place where comics fans can write comic reviews - but there is a catch, you only have a 200 character limit.

Why is there only a 200 word limit on reviews?

To keep things simple. Some people can't write long reviews, some people don't want to read long reviews and some people just think it looks good. You might think that it's not possible, but then you remember that you've seen plenty before on posters, on the back of some graphic novels and lots of other media. It's out there, just not like this.

How long until my review is shown on the website?

As soon as possible. Unfortunately reviews need to be moderated so that we can avoid spam, people being abusive to the writers and artists that make us love comics (saying you don't like the art is fine, but getting personal about them is not) and to avoid reviews that just make no sense.

The notes put up when entering a review are essential to how the site functions. If you misspell Superman when reviewing issue 8, for example, if someone clicks on Superman #8 (2015) they then want to see all reviews for that comic. If it's misspelt, it won't show in that list.

Why was my review not approved?

Could be a number of reasons. Was the wrong publisher selected? Was the title not formatted corrected as mentioned on the submit your review page?

Whilst we're quite accepting, there are some things that we can not accept. Abuse towards a writer, artist of publisher - they gift us with these wonderful things. If you don't like a comic, you can say so without being abusive towards them.

Text language is also not accepted - it might allow you to fit more in, but that ruins the fun and some people struggle to read what is written ruining their fun, whilst others just find it annoying to read.

Why should I create a members account?

Creating an account gives you some good benefits. At the moment, you can keep an eye on every review that you've had published and you can see when a review has been moderated. You also get access to future upgrades as they become available, such as emails when your review has been published, comments on reviews and the possibility of one day becoming a moderator.

How can I contact you guys?

There's only one address that you'll need to know if you wish to send us anything about the website: support@thecomicjoint.com